Foreign Languages

At Language Link, we offer private and group foreign language lessons for children.

Introductory Classes

Immersion activities include games, artwork, singing, vocabulary enrichment, and phrases which can be practiced at home by the whole family.  Kids have so much fun , they forget their are in class. Our goal is to engage our young students, laying a foundation for continued interest in the language and future fluency. 

Beginning Classes

Students continue to build vocabulary and begin to learn verb conjugation in the present tenses.  At the end of this class, expect children to be forming questions and making statements about basic daily topics, reading and writing simple sentences. 

Intermediate Classes

Check out our new AWESOME language course!

Portuguese Language and Brazilian Culture for young soccer fans!

Children first learn the essential soccer phrases they can practice at each practice:  "pass to me,  I got it, we can do this,  let's go, shoot, goal,  , yes,  good job !"

Then, once, they are hooked by how cool they sound speaking in the native language of their hero "Pale,,  ...., and we begin to teach them how to speak Portuguese off the field too!  They'll have no problem navigating through the airports, bus stations and hotels to see their first live soccer game in Brazil one day!  We can't think of a better motivator to get kids interested in studying a second language, can you?

Other classes and tutoring include :French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese

Other languages may be available upon request.  

IMPORTANT: If you'd like to have a particular group language class, please click on "inquires"  at the top of the page and fill out the information sheet. We will inform you of the next start date OR add your child's name to our language database and contact you when we have three other children to form a small group for your child's age and level.